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Beautiful Russian Women

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Dating Resources Date a Russian single - most beautiful and best fit for a strong relationship.
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Seven is a quite a number. It is considered God's number: 7 days in a week, 7 angels in the Apocalypses, seven commandments..., or are they? Are there ten? All right.

Here are 7 clear steps you must take to enter a sensational honeymoon with a Russian Woman.

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You establish great communication and become good friends - No comments & no extra charge.
You can order an interpreted phone call, which costs 1.8 credits per minute (1 credit, if you don’t require translation) and chat your heart out with those charming Russian brides. More on FAQ page.

Note: Please, keep in mind that exchanging personal contact info during such phone calls is not allowed.
So, you wrote back and forth, you talked on the phone and you really like that girl... You decide to get her direct contact details. Ok. First and foremost, you need to fill out the IMBRA form (US citizens only). Then, two options. One (recommended) is to open 15 messages from the lady and you have the right to request her contact info (or your money back, if this cannot be provided, which is very unlikely). Another option is to pay a $50 fee, whereupon we will contact your chosen Russian woman and ask her permission to send you her contact details.

Note: that this money will not be refunded, if permission is not given, so make sure you have her consent. Please, keep in mind that even if you do have 15 opened messages from a lady, you cannot exchange personal contact info with her through our messaging system. You need to contact us. More on FAQ page.
Once you have established a relationships with one or a few of these gorgeous Russian brides, it's time to meet them personally. So, how do you do that? Since you both are located on different continents, we can help arrange your first meeting, if you both positively agree to that. Most Russian women won't be able to obtain a US visa, so you will have to travel to her country, or meet on a “neutral territory”, like Dominican Republic, France, Turkey, Cyprus, etc. Read more on Visas and Immigration in our FAQ.

Note: If you choose not to use our service to arrange your meeting with the lady, there is a way to bypass it by getting her direct contact information. Read about it here.
Once you have met in person and you both want to take it further, the next step is to apply for her “fiancée” visa. On this type of visa she will be able to come to your country and stay for a time (for US it's 90 days). If you get married during that time that Russian brides is yours to stay indefinitely. If you don't get married, she will have to return to her home country. Read 'What is the process and how much it costs to bring your sweet Russian woman here' on FAQ page.

Congratulations! You Finished Well & Won the Prize. Live Happily Ever After!

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A Russian Christmas Legend Share Yesterday at 12:10pm | Edit Note | Delete Once upon a time there was an old Russian lady, Baboushka, which means 'grandmother' in Russian. It was said that Baboushka was old and had no family. She rarely received guests and was so used to living alone in a big house that all she could think of was cleaning, looking after her empty assets and doing the household chores. One cold evening, at nightfall, when she was still scrubbing her floors, the three Wise Men passed her house on their way to see the Holy Child. They saw her in the window and invited her to come with them to see the new King of the world, but he refused. She told them that her floors were not yet clean. Since she didn't have the chance to entertain guests too often, she invited them to her house to spend the night. The wise men gracefully declined, saying that they were in a hurry. They bid her farewell and went on their way. Later in the night Baboushka was sorry she didn't go with the three men and, gathering a few knickknacks from her scanty possessions, set off to find them and the Holy Child. She walked and walked; inquiring to several people about the three traveling men and the Holy Child fated to be the King of the world but could not find them. The story goes that she is still looking, wandering from place to place in search of them. On the eve of Epiphany of 6th of January (in the Eastern Orthodox Church, the baptism of Jesus Christ), she also leaves trinkets as gifts to the good children, hoping that they will help her find Baby Jesus. This Baboushka character had been more popular in old Russia before the revolution of 1917. We hope you enjoyed this legend. Merry Christmas to You! team Russian Brides for a Lifetime - gorgeous, yet real women!


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