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5 Things She Wants to Tell You

Can a Man Understand a Russian Woman?

As a man, you probably find women to be a mystery, Russian women, as well. At times, you are perplexed, as to what she wants. No doubt, you get frustrated and, eventually, are ready to give up.

Before you quit, let me ask you this: what if I told you that you actually know the key? You're just not using it, because you don't know you have it yet. All is much simpler then you think.

To help you unlock the mystery, we provided 5 basic things a Russian woman wants to tell her sweetheart, except she won't do it in a direct manner. That's why you don't seem to understand her and understandably so. So, whenever you ran into another of her "irrational", from your perspective, behavior, be aware of and act upon one of the following 5 messages she's communicating:

  1. "When I feel cherished, pursued, and known, I want to be with you… in every way." You probably know this truth about women already: for her physical intimacy stems out of emotional intimacy. That doesn't mean she won't ever agree to physical intimacy, if there is no emotional intimacy. But you must be well aware that this sometimes can wound her soul, and, eventually, damage your relationship. So, find ways to show your affection in other ways than physical. You'll be surprised - It will work out miracles.
  2. "I want to be treated like a lady." In other words, be a gentleman. I know, chivalry may sound awkward and quite old-fashioned, however, it demonstrates you know how to treat her with dignity and honor. It communicates your Russian woman respect. It tells her: "You are special and worthy of all my best." You'll get a lot in return.
  3. "Your words can bring me life, or death." "Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit", says the Bible (Proverbs 18:21). Think about how many relationships have been sabotaged and destroyed because of negative or deceiving words? Numerous! If you chose wise words, you will enrich your relationship and totally fascinate your Russian woman. If you are just starting, don't stop, no matter what she says – she'll find it hard to believe at first. Also, be consistent.
  4. "I can forgive, but I might have a hard time forgetting." Speaking about wise words, when you don't use them and instead you use sarcastic comments (about her weight, her mistakes, comparing her to your mom or ex, putting her down, constraining her in any ways), these are like a stab in a woman's heart. Once wounded, even if you ask for forgiveness and tell her: "I didn't mean that", don't expect total forgetting. Remember, healing takes time. For a long time she will live with the pain. Understand this.
  5. "For me, it's important that you love yourself." You can't imagine how attracted a Russian woman is to a man that is confident, reliable and secure. Of course, if a man is critical, dissatisfied, and insecure how can he provide the security, kindness and uplifting a woman is looking for in a partner. Insecurity has a way of poisoning a relationship. You won't have a healthy relationship with a woman, when you don't have a healthy relationship with yourself.

Any woman would have her own list of things to add, but these 5 apply to any woman, any time. We hope these insights have been helpful with your sweet Russian woman and your relationship will flourish to the next level.

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Once you have established a relationships with one or a few of these gorgeous, young Russian girls, it's time to meet them personally. So, how do you do that? Since you both are located on different continents, we can help arrange your first meeting, if you both positively agree to that. Most women won't be able to obtain a US visa, so you will have to travel to her country, or meet on a “neutral territory”, like Dominican Republic, France, Turkey, Cyprus, etc. Read more on Visas and Immigration in our FAQ.

Note: If you choose not to use our service to arrange your meeting with the lady, there is a way to bypass it by getting her direct contact information. Read about it here.
Once you have met in person and you both want to take it further, the next step is to apply for her "fiancée" visa. On this type of visa she will be able to come to your country and stay for a time (for US it's 90 days). If you get married during this time, that young Russian girl is yours to stay indefinitely. If you don't get married, she will have to return to her home country. Read 'What is the process and how much it costs to bring your sweet, young Russian girl here' on FAQ page.

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