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Innocent Woman Blacklisted

How an Innocent Woman got Blacklisted by a Dishonest Man

Do not go overboard with scam paranoia. Be careful, but also reasonable.

We have recently received this letter (below) from one of our female clients. A very interesting story. The facts in this letter were confirmed. Eventually, the guy even admitted getting his money back from this lady. Remember, we do not endorse sending money to anyone you don't know, but this story shows an interesting angle on today's anti-scam mania. We have proof that at least some of the women you see in the blacklists of some "antiscam" sites are, in fact, innocent. Some get blacklisted by dishonest guys, like in the story below. In another story we confirmed the girl's pictures were stolen by scammers and used on another site under a fake name. This was not her fault, of course, but she was blacklisted everywhere. So, take a moment to read the story. The names have been removed for privacy.


I’m looking for your advice as I find myself in a very unpleasant situation now. In the men’s catalogue at your website there is one man named (cropped) ID (cropped) I started a correspondence with him. After that I gave him my home and cell phone numbers. In his turn he suggested that we should arrange a meeting. I proposed my home town as a possible place for meeting but he insisted on my coming to his country and city where he resides. I told him that that was quite problematic but we could try to work out this variant. In order to get my papers in order and to purchase airfare I needed money, and he sent me $850.00. I submitted all necessary documents through one travel agency which would help me to get visa at the (cropped) embassy. At that time the notorious acts of terrorism occurred in Madrid, Spain, and the papers submission schedule was shifted till the mid of April. By that time we had already been corresponding through Internet, SMS and phone. Then, one “fine” day he sent me a letter where he was threatening me, blackmailing and demanding that I return his money back. I tried to explain him the situation several times saying there was no way I could hasten the visa receipt process. All was in vain, either he did not want to understand me no he couldn’t understand that. Taking into account his recent actions, I doubt he is a reasonable person.

I sent him $500 right away. That was all I had on my hands at that moment. I had to cover the income tax in total of 9% of the amount on the receipt of the money transfer, also I paid $225 for the travel agency services and I paid another $40 while realizing a return transaction. I contacted the travel agency and, perhaps, I’ll manage to recover this money. All this was described meticulously in another letter of mine addressed to him, but he persisted in uttering threats against myself failing to understand which resulted in my seeing a doctor: a gained some heart problems. I addressed this problem to the police and provided them with a complete account on the current situation. I have nothing to be afraid of – I did nothing wrong. I gave him my phone numbers, number of passport, and now he is trying to accuse me that I had conceived this scam scheme at the very beginning of our acquaintance!

I received another abusive letter through your website where he threatened to list me in some blacklist. I need you advice – what should I do in such a situation? I wonder if any of our female clients has already had problems of this kind and can give me a hint how I should proceed.

You know, if he lists my name into blacklist it will be difficult for me to prove my innocence in future. Also I wonder if there is any men’s blacklist, but I know nothing about it’s existence, neither I knew anything about the women’s blacklist till this day.

I’m counting on your Assistance!

With respect!

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